Ways To Improve Immunity

To defend our bodies against organisms and other invaders everyday that cause harm or diseases, the body has a protective mechanism called the immune system. It consists of a network of cells, organs, tissues, and proteins. Although we have a natural defence mechanism in our bodies, we have so much to do with its functions. What we eat, how we live our lives, where we expose ourselves can influence the condition of the immune function.

Experts have said that over 80% of our immunity lies on the health of our gastrointestines or digestive system. That means what we consume, what we eat or not eat, will contribute to the immunity’s strength or weakness. That said, it is highly important to always choose to eat healthy and know which types of food can help improve your digestive system which is highly responsible to your defence mechanism. Regular exercise is of course very important and helps boost immune function. Getting enough sleep is also vital since it’s the time the cells regenerate or the body’s time to naturally heal itself. Letting go of unhealthy habits is also very important like quitting smoking and drinking alcohol.

Another thing you can do to help improve your immunity or ensure its optimum health is to take dietary supplements. These products are, however, not to be replacements for healthy eating. They’re intended to enhance the results of your healthy diet and lifestyle. You can take vitamins or herbal supplements for improving your immunity. Taking products made of natural ingredients is recommended though.